What Can You Expect From The World’s First Enterprise-ready Generative AI Answer Engine

Jie Wu

This week, Kyndi, the Answer Engine company, introduced a host of new capabilities, including new generative AI features, enhanced analytics, and improvements on the UX and workflow to its Answer Engine portfolio offerings. These new capabilities are available immediately in every product we offer today, including the Kyndi Natural Language Platform and two applications built on top of it - Kyndi Clarity and Kyndi Natural Language Search

By adding generative AI to Kyndi's award-winning products, we enable enterprises to take immediate advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as large language models and generative AI to deliver direct, accurate, and trusted answers to employees and customers, while addressing the security and privacy risks associated with those technologies. Offered as a complete solution, Kyndi's Answer Engine integrates embeddings, large language models, generative AI, and vector and semantic databases on the same platform, allowing organizations to deploy 9x faster and significantly reduce the cost of developing and managing separate component technologies.

Let's delve into the exciting enhancements and see how they help optimize the way enterprise users find answers to their questions.

Direct and immediate answers 

Kyndi's Answer Engine has always provided multiple highly relevant answers verbatim from the source content when a user submitted a natural language query. With the further integration of generative AI, the latest Kyndi Answer Engine summarizes the top results and presents one best answer to users. This approach further streamlines the user experience, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent sifting through lengthy result lists.

Trusted and reliable answers for enterprises 

One common concern with generative AI-enabled solutions is the potential for returning inaccurate information, often referred to as hallucination. Kyndi's Answer Engine tackles this issue by delivering a single correct answer generated exclusively from reliable and trusted enterprise content. Transparency is built into Kyndi's Answer Engine, which allows users to trace back the sources of the answers and provides users with clearly-defined quality status of the answers. This helps users make informed decisions about the information they receive.

Comprehensive user insights guide tailored content curation 

Understanding user needs and ensuring content relevance has been a constant challenge for business leaders. Kyndi's latest release addresses this problem by providing comprehensive and timely analytics through an easy-to-consume KPI dashboard. Key metrics such as the number of questions that are effectively addressed, adequately addressed, and unanswered are readily available to internal stakeholders. Metrics are updated hourly to ensure timely responses to customers' issues. These comprehensive user insights help organizations curate tailored content that addresses users' needs dynamically. 

Automatic query suggestions simplify user interaction 

Leveraging Kyndi's exceptional natural language understanding capabilities, users can now type in as little as two characters and receive a list of suggested full-sentence queries automatically generated by Kyndi that closely match the user’s original question. This auto-complete feature simplifies the user experience, allowing users to select the most relevant question from the list and receive correct and trusted answers immediately. Kyndi's unique query resiliency feature ensures the ongoing relevance of suggested queries as users interact with the system.

Enhanced Curator Tool facilitates better content curation 

The Curator Tool within Kyndi's Answer Engine now offers content curators and knowledge management professionals greater control over auto-generated answers from generative AI. This enhancement allows content teams to easily curate and verify auto-generated content and ensures that the answers returned to end users are always accurate and trustworthy.

Additional enhancements include improved UI and workflow for the Admin Portal and flexible formatting options for answer display. 


Enterprise users waste one day a week looking for information they need for better decision-making, resulting in lost productivity and inferior business outcomes. Kyndi Generative AI Answer Engine is designed to transform how enterprise users find answers to their questions, so they can quickly leverage trusted enterprise information to make better decisions and deliver tangible results. 

To see Kyndi's new capabilities in action, watch this webinar replay to see a demo of what we have in store.