Business Impact Solutions

Kyndi enables organizations to access and apply specific knowledge to problem solving for a wide range of business processes

Customer Support &

Deliver a break through search experience to existing and prospective customers by delivering the right answers to their product and service-related questions, via a search or Chatbot interface for both customers and support agent. Improve customer satisfaction and retention, reduce case escalation, and ensure positive customer experience.

Intelligence Research

Turn market analysis into competitive advantage. Validate product features and increase market traction using accurate and timely search results identified from internal knowledge repositories and external market resources, including websites, industry reports, and conference data. Achieve faster time to actionable insights and capture new business opportunities with more accurate, comprehensive search outcome.


Overcome compliance challenges by enhancing employees’ search experience. Dramatically reduce the time it takes employees to conform to internal policies and guidelines and to meet external ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements. Provide access to policies that span multiple data sources, business units, and geographies across the organization.

Unleashing the Power of Human Intelligence

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