Business Impact Solutions

Kyndi enables organizations to access and apply specific knowledge to problem solving for a wide range of business processes

Sales &

Deliver a breakthrough search experience to engage prospects, generate demand, and win new business. Turn market analysis into market advantage, enabling marketing and sales teams to gain actionable insights into their industry, competitors, and target accounts with as little as 10% of the time and effort of manual and enterprise search solutions.  Make better informed market decisions with qualitative research that has twice the accuracy and precision of the results of other search solutions.

& Brand Management

Turn product and market analysis into revenue generation. Validate product features and increase market traction based upon data in internal knowledge repositories and external market resources, including websites, industry reports, and conference data. Leverage information on competitors, their product strategies, and their product strengths and weaknesses.  Manage the full life-cycle of products with actionable insights achieved in one-tenth of the time, with twice the accuracy of other search solutions.


Turn compliance challenges into an opportunity to improve employee performance and to drive organizational excellence.  Dramatically reduce the time it takes employees to conform to internal policies and guidelines and to meet external ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements.  Provide access to policies that span multiple data sources, business units, and geographies across the organization.  Eliminate the fruitless task of searching through troves of data and enable employees to focus on work that leverages their skills and expertise.

Unleashing the Power of Human Intelligence

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