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Converse with your audience real time like never before

Create your digital double and share your blogs and posts in minutes. Then let it answer questions from followers in your unique voice.

24 / 7 / 365

Give your audience instant and continuous access to your expertise, even while you sleep.

Your content (always)

When your audience ask questions, Kyndi generates answers

Kyndi leverages your existing content to create a new engagement paradigm. Kyndi faithfully reproduces your brand using your content.

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Build trust (fast)

Convert prospects to followers quickly as they realize the depth of your expertise.

Kyndi AI works with you and your content to automatically create FAQ & Answers. These FAQ are used to provide an engaging interface of discovery to your audience exposing them to the depth and breadth of your expertise.

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Get inspired (automatically)

Know what your audience wants to know. Create new content knowing ahead of time there is a demand.

Kyndi automatically recognizes audience questions that your content doesn’t answer. Unanswered questions are brought to your attention. Audience members can opt-in to receive alerts when you provide new content answering the question.

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As unique as (you)

Your AMA(A) digital double reflects & reinforces your brand

Your AMA(A) reflects your brand and voice and can be tuned as you evolve. You also get your choice of audience experiences ranging from one-shot questions to conversational.

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