AI empowering humans to do their most meaningful work

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reduction in time
to insight


increase in the
accuracy of results

The Natural Language

Humans and AI working together to profoundly impact top- and bottom-line performance in a way that neither could achieve independently.
Human processes are augmented by enabling AI technologies.
Humans learn and execute faster, with better outcomes.
Humans use their own language in day-to-day operations.
AI-enhanced apps understand the organization and its specific vocabulary.
Institutional knowledge is centralized and used across multiple domains.
Evidence and explanations of AI interactions build trust.
AI-enhanced apps adapt and grow—without an army of AI experts.

AI-Powered, Human-Centered

Kyndi’s patented Natural Language Search delivers highly relevant and context-driven information with unprecedented speed, keeping humans at the heart of critical problem solving.

Business Impact Solutions

Kyndi at a Glance

Founded in 2014 with expertise in AI, applied engineering, and
enterprise software
Natural language-enabling the enterprise

Natural language-enabling the enterprise

Empowering humans
to do their most meaningful work
Focusing on AI-powered solutions that drive organizational performance
Recognized for vision, technology innovation, and customer commitment

Kyndi Recognized as 2021 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year in Natural Language Processing

Frost & Sullivan commends Kyndi for providing an industry-leading NLP platform that enables organizations to drive better business outcomes.
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Unleashing the Power of Human Intelligence

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