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Kyndi Natural Language Search

Delivering highly relevant, context-driven information with unprecedented speed and precision
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The Enterprise Search Problem

With the proliferation of unstructured text, employees are struggling to gain insights from the troves of data they must comb through to make better informed decisions. Organizations are struggling with the challenges of anemic keyword search solutions or the exorbitant AI costs and risks of supervised learning models.

The Problem With Current Approaches

The limitations of traditional keyword or multi-term search
User frustration
Lost productivity
Regulatory and
compliance risks
The time, resources, and expense required for machine learning models
The demand for scarce and expensive AI expertise
The amount of data and time needed to train and retrain supervised ML models
The never-ending need to meticulously tune metadata
The inability to provide evidence and explanation for search results

The Enterprise search solution

Kyndi allows people to analyze and use unstructured as well as structured data
in a smarter, faster, and more natural way.

Driving Top & Bottom-Line Performance with AI-Powered Solutions

Unleashing the Power of Human Intelligence

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