The Generative AI-Powered Answer Engine Built for Enterprises

Mark Oney

Is Generative AI Ready for Enterprise Deployment?

The transformative power of artificial intelligence is rapidly reshaping the way businesses interact with their customers and internal stakeholders. But while popular consumer-oriented models like ChatGPT have showcased and raised awareness around remarkable language generation capabilities among individual users, their adoption within the enterprise context has recently highlighted a range of acknowledged challenges. Outdated knowledge, the potential for hallucinations, concerns surrounding data privacy and ownership, lack of explainability, and high operational costs are being flagged as significant hurdles.

Fortunately, Kyndi’s generative AI-powered Answer Engine addresses these very issues while still providing all the exciting benefits currently being popularized by ChatGPT. Kyndi’s products enable enterprises to leverage the power of generative AI in a secure, reliable, explainable, and cost-effective manner.

Delivering an Enterprise-ready Solution 

While the introduction of generative AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s BARD have stirred up tremendous excitement, many enterprises are tapping the brakes for good reason. Early adopters raised legitimate concerns about the integrity and explainability of results, data privacy and ownership, and operating costs and time.

Kyndi’s long-standing commitment to building best-in-class enterprise products and responsible AI address those concerns. Rather than relying on a single technology paradigm, Kyndi has been investing in multiple fields of NLP and AI for years. By combining the strengths of several breakthrough technologies, including large language models, embeddings, vector and semantic data representations, and generative AI, we provide enterprises with an award-winning platform that they can trust and drive positive business outcomes.

Kyndi’s Generative AI Answer Engine is an enterprise-ready, end-to-end solution that delivers:

Answer integrity
Answer engine integrity is a crucial aspect in which answers are derived exclusively from a customer's content, ensuring contextual relevance and mitigating risks such as hallucination or unintentional bias. By strictly adhering to the provided content and context, these succinct summaries do not engage in the practice of inferring or fabricating answers when faced with insufficient information, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy response mechanism.

Highly relevant answers
Many search engine companies are now announcing generative AI running on their products. But generative AI summaries are only as good as the content they are fed. Kyndi’s best-in-class natural language technologies  delivers an exceptionally focused and accurate set of relevant results, which consequently ensures a grounded and accurate answer from auto-generated summaries. Without this ability to correctly narrow down the input to a generative AI tool, other products will struggle to provide trustworthy answers.Kyndi can easily extend our language model in real-time with domain-specific terminology, surfacing the very best answers to address your business users’ specific questions. 

Up-to-date answers
With Kyndi, content teams have the option of leveraging either a static or a dynamic answer. While static answers allow you to curate answers that do not change, dynamic answers guarantee that your customers receive up-to-date answers if your source content changes. A unique feature of Kyndi is the ability to notify you when answers change and give you control over the deployment of these new answers to your customers.

Explainable results
Ample examples have shown ChatGPT and BARD return authoritative responses that are factually lacking. Businesses require trustworthy answers. Explainability is a hallmark of Kyndi’s products, designed into our platform from Day 1. Answers provided always contain clickable citations of documents and passages that support the answer.

Content/Data ownership
In recent years, enterprise companies are awakening to the issue of derivative rights, in which software and AI companies are leveraging customer content for training and optimizing their AI  models. Kyndi’s Answer Engine requires no training on customer data. You own your data, and Kyndi does not use your data for other companies’ benefit.

Analytics-driven knowledge curation
Kyndi’s Answer Engine provides comprehensive analytics to enable informed content curation. Our goal is to arm any content owner with the ability to analyze any content  repository and build a robust knowledge base in hours. Our analytics help internal stakeholders easily understand  what questions your content can answer, which answers are being served, which answers are satisfactory to your users, and where you are missing content that users are asking for. 

While generative AI is capable of many feats, not all generative AI-enabled products can meet enterprise requirements and deliver on their promises. Kyndi's generative AI Answer Engine enables enterprises to immediately benefit from the latest AI technology while ensuring transparency and trust.


In the next blog post, I will share several generative AI use cases we build into our Answer Engine. Stay tuned.