Kyndi Cognitive Memory (CogMem) solves the shortcomings of Large Language Models (LLMs) commonly associated with natural language processing (NLP), including the lack of domain-specific awareness, inaccurate responses, and absence of explainability. Kyndi CogMem transforms novelty LLMs into enterprise-grade business tools that deliver trusted results.

Kyndi CogMem incorporates several elements to make LLMs effective for the enterprise. At its core, CogMem is a vector database that stores data in semantically meaningful embeddings for use by LLMs. By doing so, CogMem’s vector database ensures that data is stored in a way that represents the semantic relationships and contextual meaning of words, similar to how a well-organized file cabinet categorizes documents based on their content for easy access and reference.

Unlike other databases which provide embeddings by page, CogMem embeds each word, which enables more granular semantic word matches. Kyndi then adds the semantic connections between words and phrases by simultaneously layering in neuro-symbolic machine learning during the embedding process in a patented, non-trivial manner. Finally, Kyndi also records the location of each word to provide explainability in the result.

By combining all the necessary underlying technologies to perform word embeddings, neuro-symbolic machine learning, and location mapping, Kyndi’s CogMem technology provides a critical boost to the existing LLMs and brings significant advantages to enterprises.

Accurate answerKyndi provides trustworthy answers based solely on an organization’s content and therefore avoids the “hallucinations” of LLMs.

Domain-specific dataIncorporating domain- and industry-specific language into Kyndi’s Answer Engine is quick and effortless. New terms and phrases specific to your industry or business functions can be easily added to CogMem at runtime using Kyndi’s low-code tools. There’s no need to train or retrain an ML model to generate new embeddings.

ExplainabilityKyndi provides explainability in the results at all levels. It can take the user to the specific passage that answers the question; It informs the content curators and users why a specific sentence in a result was chosen; It also provides sources of the results returned for users to trace back to the original content.

Reliable generative answersOur generative AI provides accurate summaries of highly relevant, reliable results found in enterprise content, boosting users’ confidence while making content creation more efficient and effective.

Cost-effectivenessKyndi provides highly accurate results without breaking the bank. Kyndi’s CogMem provides unparalleled accuracy in the results. And when using those high-precision results as a prompt for generative AI, it produces relevant answers instantly. In contrast, legacy search tools return a larger number of less accurate results, which create a longer prompt, resulting in not only poor summary answers but also additional costs for enterprises.

Enterprises have demanding requirements for technology solutions. Generative AI and LLMs are promising technologies that can drive many business innovations when implemented with those critical enterprise requirements in mind. Kyndi’s patented CogMem feature allows businesses to take immediate advantage of advanced AI capabilities with confidence, achieving positive business outcomes faster than ever before.