Introducing Kyndi 6.0: Building a Robust Knowledge Base in Minutes for the Right Answers

Jie Wu

For enterprises, effective knowledge management lays the groundwork for outstanding search and information retrieval outcomes. However, without the right approach, building a robust knowledge base is often a manual, time-consuming, and cross-functional endeavor that can contribute to inferior results and poor user experience. 

Kyndi 6.0, the latest edition of Kyndi’s Generative AI Answer Engine, offers several exciting new features that automate and facilitate the knowledge management process, enabling organizations to deliver the right answer to their users, every time they look for information about their products and services. 

Let's look at the key features introduced in Kyndi 6.0. 

Topics: Accelerate Knowledge Curation 

"Topics" is a new generative AI-powered feature that automatically examines all of an organization’s relevant content and identifies relevant topics within that content. Knowledge management and content teams can leverage auto-generated suggestions for both topics and related question-answer pairs derived from the enterprise content to build a robust knowledge base in as little as an hour, saving valuable resources and time while ensuring high-quality content is captured in the knowledge base to help address users' questions effectively.

The “Topics” feature gives users the option of selecting “Auto-suggest” for the auto-generation of Topics and Question Sets when the knowledge base is first built and when new or modified content is ingested.

Once selected, the “Auto-suggest” option auto-generates several question-answer pairs for a specific topic, enabling content and knowledge management professionals to build a robust knowledge base rapidly. Users can add, reject, or skip over each suggestion.

The introduction of "Topics" provides a well-organized knowledge management hierarchy by grouping question-answer pairs under relevant topics, enabling internal teams to gain a deeper and contextual understanding of users’ needs, subsequently guiding content and knowledge management teams in crafting tailored content that addresses these unique needs effectively.

Citation Widget: Add Trust and Transparency to AI-powered Answers

Citation Widget is a powerful addition to our generative AI offerings. It's an end-user interface catered to use cases such as blog sites, online publications, and research sites. It cites the specific author(s) and their publications that contribute to the generated summary to drive AI explainability and transparency. It provides end users with a citation section that lists the source documents that attribute most significantly to the auto-generated summary created by generative AI. The "Copy-to-clipboard" feature allows users to easily capture their queries, answers, and citations for future reference and research purposes. 

End-user Feedback: Drive Continuous Improvement

To consistently deliver relevant answers and an enhanced user experience, we've introduced user feedback mechanisms such as like/dislike feedback options for all generative AI-enabled answer widgets. Additionally, end-users have the opportunity to articulate their reasons for unsatisfactory responses. These external signals serve as valuable sources of information, offering deeper insights into user requirements. This, in turn, informs ongoing efforts to fine-tune and optimize the system, ensuring continuous performance enhancements that guarantee the best experience for your users. 

Query Exports: Enable Smart Tuning

Query Export is another new feature we rolled out in Kyndi 6.0 to drive optimal performance of our Answer Engine. Using this feature, content and knowledge management teams can export query histories from Kyndi's analytics dashboard into the Forecast tool to aid in tuning and optimizing the Answer Engine. The Forecast tool provides a practical and efficient way to measure the effectiveness of the tuning effort, allowing teams to forecast the impact on end-user experience more accurately. 

Kyndi's Generative AI Answer Engine is continuously evolving to better address the growing demand for advanced knowledge management and information retrieval processes. The latest enhancements in Kyndi 6.0 are specifically designed to accelerate knowledge curation, further enhance AI transparency and trust, and elevate the overall user experience.

Want to see Kyndi 6.0 in action? Join us on this Kyndi webinar to see how to use Kyndi 6.0 to build a robust knowledge base in minutes!