May 5, 2020

Kyndi® Announces New Board of Directors Appointment

Jen Grant, CEO of Turbo Systems and former CMO of Looker Brings her Extensive Experience in Scaling Companies to Kyndi

San Mateo, CA, May 5, 2020 – Kyndi, the leader in reading automation AI software, announced today that it has appointed Jen Grant, CEO of Turbo Systems, to its board of directors effective March 23, 2020.  Grant will advise the company on its business strategy, software innovation, and go-to-market.

“I decided to join the Kyndi board of directors based on the quality of the team,” said Jen Grant. “It’s an incredibly smart group of people who are building advanced AI software capabilities that allow organizations to find insights previously unavailable in their data. I am looking forward to working with the team as they continue to expand into new markets.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Jen Grant as a new independent director to Kyndi’s board,” said Ryan Welsh, CEO and founder of Kyndi. “Jen joins Kyndi at a pivotal time as we expand our presence in new markets. Jen’s extensive experience building go-to-market strategy to the developer community will enable Kyndi to continue to scale our new reading automation engines to enterprise and Federal agencies.”

Kyndi is leveraging novel techniques to address a long-entrenched enterprise problem – building AI capability into applications. With over three years of R&D refining its AI approach to reading automation and natural language processing (NLP), Kyndi is now translating these successes into a stable of customers. Because it employs unsupervised learning, Kyndi can get its technology up and running quickly, and its ability to operate over large data silos allows for the flexibility and security customers demand. Kyndi puts a powerful set of software engines in the hands of product teams and developers, that reads and analyzes long-form text — without needing a PhD in AI. Historically, text-based AI projects have been too slow or failed in the enterprise because the products are too challenging to build. Kyndi Reading Automation AI solves this problem for enterprise product teams by developing applications that are smarter, faster and more explainable.

About Kyndi
Kyndi’s Reading Automation AI software transforms the way product teams and developers integrate AI into their internal and customers applications. Kyndi is backed by leading venture investors including Intel Capital, UL Ventures, and PivotNorth who was recently named to the Forbes Midas List for visionary investments. Customers include Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies and government agencies. For more information, visit or follow @kynditech.

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