Introducing Kyndi Clarity – A Self-service Solution That Actually Works

Jie Wu

Earlier this week, we introduced Kyndi Clarity, a natural language-powered answer engine that empowers users with self-service to find relevant and trusted information with just one click. Organizations can rely on Kyndi Clarity to enhance customer and employee experience, improve first-contact resolution, and reduce support costs.


Customers want self-service today. They want to find information to resolve their issues themselves instead of waiting on a helpline. A recent study by Statista showed  88% of customers globally expect a brand to offer a self-service support portal. 

Support centers also want a self-service tool for both their agents and customers. Support agents can use it to quickly find the right answers for customers to drive better customer satisfaction; meanwhile, an effective customer-facing self-service tool that can address customers’ questions instantly helps reduce call volume and costs for the support organizations.


While the demand for self-service continues to grow, the tools to support this need have yet to keep up. According to the latest McKinsey study, despite all the investments in self-service digital channels like AI-enabled search, chatbot, and IVA, for most organizations, the vast majority of the digital customer contacts require assistance, and only 10 percent of newly built digital platforms are fully scaled or adopted by customers.


Kyndi Clarity brings you a self-service solution that actually works. Built with many of the similar cutting-edge natural language technologies used by ChatGPT, as well as several innovative proprietary techniques developed by the Kyndi team, Kyndi Clarity is an intelligent answer engine that provides relevant and trusted answers in just one click. Everything we built into Kyndi Clarity is focused on enabling effective self-service for various stakeholders involved in supporting customer experience and customer service business functions. Using Kyndi Clarity, end users can find relevant information with a single click, content teams can quickly curate collateral that users want to read, and knowledge management professionals can easily deploy and manage the system using no/low-code tools as well as many out-of-the-box industry starter kits. Kyndi Clarity helps businesses enhance customer engagement and improve service quality, while reducing the burden and costs for their support teams.  

Let’s take a closer look at the unique capabilities Kyndi Clarity brings to the various stakeholders that empower true self-service.


For end-users    


Provides relevant answers regardless of how the question is phrased

Leveraging Kyndi’s innovative query resiliency technique, Kyndi Clarity allows users to ask questions any way they like and returns accurate answers in one click. Endusers don’t have to spend time learning rigid keywords, specific phrases, or syntax.

Delivers broader insights from both curated and non-curated content

Kyndi Clarity can effectively process curated content like intelligent FAQs and find accurate answers there for the users. In addition, Kyndi Clarity performs an organic search through non-curated content ingested into Kyndi and returns relevant answers. By tapping into curated and non-curated content, Kyndi Clarity not only expands the breadth and depth of knowledge for your users, but also increases the possibility for users to find relevant answers, enabling higher user engagement.  


Offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate result page 

Kyndi Clarity offers a simple and intuitive results page for users. The most relevant answer found in the curated content is always placed on top of the result page for immediate attention. When the most accurate answer to a specific question is not in the curated content such as an FAQ, Kyndi surfaces other relevant information from curated and non-curated content repositories to keep users engaged with your business.  


Boosts user confidence with trustworthy results  

Unlike alternative solutions like ChatGPT and other black box AI tools which offer no explanation about where the answers came from or the reason behind the results, Kyndi Clarity navigates users to the specific page of a specific document that contains each result.This gives users greater confidence in the results and helps them evaluate the content based on where it comes from, which can significantly impact the user experience, especially when they are looking for critical information related to medical, security, and legal topics.      


For content team

Provides comprehensive analytics to drive informed content curation

Kyndi Clarity offers comprehensive analytic insights into users’ behaviors and usage patterns. Content and digital marketing teams can use these insights to quickly identify content gaps, gain visibility into how users’ frequently asked questions change over time, and monitor shifts in user behaviors. Armed with these insights, the content team can curate the content users want to read instead of pushing just any content to users that they may or may not like. 


Enables dynamic content curation to improve user engagement

Adding curated content into an existing content hub is easy with Kyndi Clarity. Using a user-friendly content curation tool, the content team can add or revise questions and answers to the content hub and publish them at any time, on their own, without seeking help from IT. This not only simplifies the curation process for the content team but also drives continuous user engagement by ensuring that users can always find relevant information in their time of need.

For knowledge management team

Accelerates deployment and management with a user-friendly admin portal

Unlike many AI solutions which require months or years of data labeling and model training before making it into production, Kyndi Clarity can be deployed in as little as two weeks. You can easily integrate Kyndi Clarity into any self-service channels such as chatbot, search, and IVA via RESTful APIs to boost the effectiveness of those tools in finding the correct answers for your customers, employees, and partners.    


Kyndi Clarity provides a user-friendly admin portal to allow knowledge management administrators to easily perform a range of tasks, including applying role-based access control, running and maintaining benchmarks, applying out-of-the-box annotators to specific industry and business domains like ESG, Pharma, Electronic, and HR, selecting result display from five different design options, and more. 




The McKinsey survey revealed that customer experience(CX) is the fastest-growing priority area–a 19 percentage point increase from 2019 to 2022– for customer care leaders. However, with the talent shortage in customer care, an increasing volume of customer calls, and a remote workforce becoming the new norm, customer service organizations and contact centers are struggling to deliver the level of experience that customers expect. Kyndi Clarity, a one-click-to-trusted answer solution provides an enhanced customer and employee experience while reducing the support burden and costs for businesses.


The future of customer service is intelligent self-service, and Kyndi Clarity helps you deliver an exceptional self-service experience that results in greater customer loyalty and continued business growth. 


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