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About us

Who we are

Kyndi is a venture-backed technology company from San Francisco. Our key technologies are major advances in the science and engineering of intelligent machines.

What we do

Our products address critical needs of government institutions and commercial companies through machine understanding.

Our philosophy

We believe society’s hardest problems can be solved when human creativity and resourcefulness are complemented by smarter machines.

Our Technology


Language is used in many different ways. Our mapping technology automatically learns the make-up of any language and how it's used in a given field.


We store maps as graphs to remember how things are related to each other. We can store a lot of graphs and recall them very quickly.


Reasoning with normal computers is hard when there are lots of possible answers. We solve this with a practical data representation inspired by methods of quantum computing.

Meet our Team

Ryan Welsh

Founder & CEO

Michael Harries, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Arun Majumdar

Founder & Chief Scientist

John Stewart

VP of Engineering

Paul Tarau, PhD


Paulo Moura, PhD


Daniel Treacy


John F. Sowa, PhD

Kyndi Fellow



We are looking for outstanding developers and scientists to join our team.

Open Positions

Prolog Programmer

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1161 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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