July 12, 2022

Kyndi Credited for Helping Companies Capitalize on the Potential of AI

Natural LanguageProcessing Leader Named an AI 50 from KMWorld

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 12, 2022 – Kyndi, the leading natural language processing(NLP) company, today announced that KMWorld, the premier knowledge management publication, has acknowledged the company for helping customers excel in an increasingly competitive marketplace with AI-powered knowledge management and automation. Named aKMWorld AI 50, Kyndi is one of an elite group of technology providers credited with helping companies compete and innovate in all industry sectors by leveraging intelligent knowledge discovery and delivery solutions. The full list is available here.

“AI and a host of related technologies such as augmented intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, process automation, and natural language processing are being deployed in areas as diverse as supply chain management, manufacturing, healthcare, medical research, and financial services,” said TomHogan, Group Publisher, KMWorld. “With organizations recognizing the great potential of AI, it is not surprising that the market size is also expected to increase dramatically. As part of our efforts to focus attention on the innovative knowledge management vendors that are imbuing their offerings with AI and automation, KMWorld applauds the companies recognized in theKMWorld AI 50: The Companies Empowering Intelligent Knowledge Management.”

According toDeloitte, up to 80% of valuable information is hidden in unstructured, text-based data, and organizations struggle to extract relevant insights when searching for answers. Remote and hybrid work has amplified the pain of terrible search outcomes, and employees spend more time(up to 3.6 hours per day/938 hours per year) looking for information now than they did pre-pandemic. Worse, existing tools do not solve this problem because they are keyword-based, which is not well-suited to find the correct answers in text data.

The Kyndi Natural Language Search Solution is the first end-to-end offering designed to maximize the relevancy and speed of finding answers in unstructured, text-based data. Due to limited NLP expertise and the cost of tuning and deploying state-of-the-art language models, organizations of all sizes often struggle to implement or overlook natural language search as a true business enabler. Unlike other natural language-powered solutions that are difficult and expensive to implement on company- and domain-specific data, Kyndi’s end-to-end offerings allow customers to leverage a best-in-class “Natural Language Search as aService”, enabling organizations to realize tangible business value from theirAI investment immediately. By focusing on empowering lines-of-business and delivering business value, Kyndi has seen tremendous market traction in recent years.

“Sophisticated organizations are increasingly deploying AI-enabled solutions such as natural language processing to accelerate decision making, enhance customer and employee experience, reduce case escalation and improve customer support excellence, and optimize policy and procedure search,” said Ryan Welsh, CEO and Founder of Kyndi. “Because Kyndi is all about delivering value to our customers with state-of-the-art AI solutions, we are thrilled to be selected as a KMWorld AI 50. Our mission has always been to help organizations achieve highly relevant and context-driven information at unprecedented speed, keeping humans at the heart of critical problem solving.”

About Kyndi

Kyndi is a global provider of the Kyndi Platform for the Natural-Language-Enabled Enterprise, anAI-powered platform that empowers people to do their most meaningful work.Trusted by the world’s most innovative organizations, Kyndi’s platform delivers highly relevant and context-driven information at unprecedented speed, keeping humans at the heart of critical problem solving.  Backed by leading venture investors including Intel Capital and PivotNorth, Kyndi was recently awarded the North America Entrepreneurial Company of the Year by leading research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, and was named a Technology Pioneer by the World EconomicForum. Customers include government agencies and enterprises across manufacturing, media, and hi-tech industries. Learn more at: https://kyndi.com/ and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.



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