Kyndi Natural Language Search-Finding the Right Answers, Fast!

Jie Wu

Last week we announced the immediate availability of Kyndi Natural Language Search, a best-in-class search solution designed to help customers and employees find answers in text-based data at unmatched speed and relevancy. This blog post provides an overview of Kyndi's key capabilities and recommendations on how you can leverage Kyndi's solution to deliver tangible business results through a better search experience.

Unique capabilities

Exceptional natural language understanding Kyndi Natural Language Search employs a rich set of natural language understanding (NLU) techniques, including term and custom entity matches, grammar, lemmatization, morphological matches, typo recognition, and membership. Equipped with those cognitive capabilities, Kyndi allows users to ask questions in their own words instead of using predefined, rigid keywords, intelligently interprets the nuances of naturally spoken language, and gives back highly relevant, contextual answers in seconds.

Query resiliency Many AI-based search solutions are trained on a narrow set of predetermined questions and terms, so when a user asks the same question in a slightly different way, they may not get the same answers. Not with Kyndi. This is because Kyndi understands that variations in how a question is posed are all looking for similar information. With Kyndi’s ability to perform query resiliency, a user can ask a question in different ways and still receive the same results, leading to a seamless user experience and higher customer adoption.

Intent detection Kyndi lets you build natural language query rules that can automatically interpret basic and use case-specific intent of queries. Such exceptional comprehension allows Kyndi to quickly discover the most pertinent answers hidden in various documents, at the user’s first request. The automatic intent detection provides an expanded search experience for users by allowing them to ask questions in a form like “Who.. Where.. When, How much.. “. For example, Kyndi knows a “Who” question is likely looking for the name of a person or company, a “Where” is likely looking for a location, a “When” is looking for a time, etc. Understanding a user’s intent behind a question allows Kyndi to retrieve the most relevant results otherwise impossible to detect with current term-based search solutions.

Trusted, explainable results Unlike black box AI, Kyndi provides transparency and explanation in the answers it delivers, giving users high confidence in the results while enabling easy performance tuning. Kyndi’s explainable AI allows end-users to see search results in their original context, leaving nothing lost in translation. Most importantly, by providing token level explainability, developers and knowledge workers can tune and optimize results in just seconds to improve search efficacy - a process that can take weeks to months to do with other search solutions. 

No-code Environment Kyndi allows users of all skill levels to manage the set-up, language extension, testing, and benchmarking of semantically tuned, searchable content volumes without having to code. With Kyndi, users can dynamically extend their language model at runtime, adding industry and company specific verbiage without needing an expensive ML engineer. Unlike other search solutions which require users to set up the platform and tune the algorithm, Kyndi takes care of those tasks and more. Customers can rely on Kyndi for content curation, cleaning, annotation, model training, testing, and optimization, saving them significant time and expenses. 

Flexible and Faster Deployment You can run Kyndi in a multi-tenant environment managed by Kyndi, in a single-tenant VPC hosted by Kyndi, or by your own team. In contrast to other search solutions that can take months, or even years to deploy and configure, Kyndi can be up and running in as little as 3 weeks.

Key Use Cases

With Kyndi Natural Language Search, customers can address a wide range of business use cases. 

Site Search

Use Kyndi to power your site search. Kyndi Natural Language Search instantly delivers comprehensive, contextual results for your customers and employees every time they search for information about your products and services on your website. For content-rich sites such as customer support, documentation, blogs, marketing resources, etc., Kyndi provides a far superior search performance to alternative approaches, allowing you to increase customer engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and drive efficiency.

With just three lines of code, you can embed Kyndi into your external-facing website or private intranet, or enterprise applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, and get Kyndi-powered search up and running in a couple of weeks. 

Market Intelligence 

A market intelligence application built on top of Kyndi’s Natural Language Search platform can help you turn market analysis into a competitive advantage.

Using the best-in-class natural language-enabled discovery, search and briefing capabilities from Kyndi, your market intelligence team can easily find the most complete and relevant market insights to support their qualitative research projects, saving days and weeks from searching for the right information. With a deeper knowledge of the market, your team can immediately identify gaps in your business and potential market opportunities without delay. 

Policy Research

Kyndi accelerates your time to results for your policy and compliance-related search. Using Kyndi, you can quickly build a centralized, intelligent knowledge repository containing internal policy and procedure documents within a specific department, or across different parts of the organization. Leveraging this knowledge base, your users can ask policy questions through a search interface and retrieve accurate information in seconds, saving them countless hours sifting through mountains of documents.


Through Kyndi, customers across industries have seen a 2X improvement in search accuracy while cutting search time in half. More importantly, our customers can now rely on the comprehensive and contextual insights retrieved by Kyndi’s Natural Language Search solution to enhance customer engagement, increase employee productivity, and discover new market opportunities.  

Looking to grow your business through an AI-powered search solution? We are here to help. Schedule a time with one of our NLP experts to see Kyndi in action today!