Build a Kyndi Natural Language Search That Your Users Love

Michael Cerrito, Viktoria Krane

Kyndi Natural Language Search is designed to find the right information at amazing speed and accuracy for your customers and employees. Businesses can use Kyndi-powered search to improve customer satisfaction by helping them find the right answers to product-related questions immediately, boost user engagement with websites and rich content, and accelerate policy and procedure search for internal employees and external partners.

A great search experience leads to great user experience. Therefore, creating a delightful research experience should be a top priority for business stakeholders across various departments.

Web Designers

Responsible for implementing an intelligent, user-friendly search into your site

Marketing Leaders

Align your marketing KPIs with search outcome for your customers and prospects

Customer Experience Leaders

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction by providing a delightful search experience

Customer Support & Service Leaders

Gain insights into your customer’s behaviors and issues through search outcome

To ensure that your users benefit from a powerful self-service search tool such as Kyndi Natural Language Search, we offer several design guidelines for your implementation.

Key Design Elements

Visual Hierarchy

The search bar should be easy to find to drive user awareness and adoption.

Sticky Search

The search bar should always be visible. Make sure it does not disappear as users scroll down.  

Room to Breath

Give the search bar at least20 pixels of padding on all sides.

Guided Search

Make sure the header &placeholder text are meaningful & engaging.


Place your search bar in the top-right/top-center of your header or featured in your site’s hero section.

Consistent Branding

Follow your corporate branding guide to design the color, font, button, etc of your Kyndi-powered search.

Don’t Forget Mobile

Nearly 60% of users browse the web on mobile devices – be sure to include your search in mobile views.

A Visual Example

Here is why Kyndi Natural Language Search is so powerful when implemented effectively.

1. A strong and simple Header calls users to attention and is highlighted with the branded color for extra impact.

2. The Kyndi search bar is pre-populated with relevant example text that reminds the user they can ask a question in a natural way.

3. Our buttons and form fields are pre-configured to Kyndi’s signature style, but the search can be customized to match your website’s branding and look & feel.

4. 'Powered by Kyndi' is an optional icon that we always appreciate featuring, but our research also shows that users feel more confident with search powered by a trusted, best-in-class technology.

At the end of the day, you want to build a search tool that your users love to use. We hope this quick guide will help you create a delightful search experience for everyone looking for information about your business.  

Interested in learning more about Kyndi Natural Language Search? Set up a time with one of our search experts anytime.